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Create your own paper cup design!

Choose the background, add your logo, illustrations, shape and text. Check 3D preview!

Sounds incredible? Let’s find out!


Need a helping hand?

Having problems with design preparation? We can help You! Order design file preparation from us.

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When you choose to Design it yourself

If you work with designing programs, you can easily make the layout for the paper cup and ice cream cup yourself. Or you can always ask a designer to make the layout for you.

The most important thing is to make the design file on the right template following our recommendations.

We accept rectangular or warped paper cups and ice cream cups designs. So, you just choose the template you prefer, prepare the layout and upload on our e-shop together with your Order.

Please read carefully rules and recommendations on how to prepare the layout correctly. Please share these rules with your designers:

Rules and recommendations for paper cup an ice cream cup design file preparation

Please choose the right template and prepare the artwork on it:

4 oz Single Wall rectangular
4 oz Single Wall warped
7 oz Single Wall rectangular
7 oz Single Wall warped
8 oz Single Wall rectangular
8 oz Single Wall warped
12 oz Single Wall rectangular
12 oz Single Wall warped
16 oz Single Wall rectangular
16 oz Single Wall warped
8 oz Double Wall rectangular
8 oz Double Wall warped
12 oz Double Wall rectangular
12 oz Double Wall warped
16 oz Double Wall rectangular
16 oz Double Wall warped

All the design files uploaded on website will be checked automatically and the reports with 3D preview will be sent to your indicated email address for your approval. 

If any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us by email [email protected]. We will gladly help you!