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What is the difference between double-wall and single-wall paper cups?
Double-wall paper cups are made of 2 layers of paperboard, whereas single-wall paper cups are made of one layer of paperboard. Hot drinks can be poured in both single-wall and double-wall cups. However, when selecting single-wall cups for hot beverages, we recommend additionally using a textured paperboard sleeve to prevent the cup from getting too hot for holding.
What is the delivery cost of the ordered goods?
No additional fee is applied for the delivery of the goods. You only pay the prices of the selected goods specified in the online store.
Is the coloured packaging harmful? Is it safe to put food in there?
Paper packaging is manufactured using certified materials which are not harmful and are dedicated for food packaging production. Moreover, an additional varnish layer is applied to the printed product to further minimise its contact with food.
How to order cups (or other packaging) with an individual design?
First of all you need to select a product, its size and quantity. Then you need to select “CUSTOM DESIGN”, click on “choose file”, and upload a properly prepared pdf file from your computer. Do not forget to click on “Add to Cart” after you upload the file. Then you can choose other products. Instructions on how to properly prepare design files are available under the section “TEMPLATES”.
What are the requirements for a design file? What files should be submitted for printing?
You will find the instructions on the requirements for the preparation of a design file after downloading the product template and the rules for the preparation of a design file.
What is the term of delivery?
We offer 8 to 15 workdays term of production and delivery, which starts after recieving the payment for your order and after the print file approval (in case of ordering custom design production). When both above mentioned conditions are implemented we start the production of your ordered goods and send you the notification about the start the lead time.