Privacy and Cookie Policy

1. General clauses

1.1. We undertake an obligation to collect and process your personal data only then and only to the extent that is required for achievement of a specific, defined and lawful goal. We will exert appropriate measures to ensure safety of your personal data at all times and compliance of your personal data processing with effective data protection laws and our internal procedure. Assurance of transparency of your personal data processing is important for us. We confirm that your personal data protection is important for you – our clients natural persons, and we undertake an obligation to respect and protect privacy and personal data of every data subject. Thus, this privacy policy describes the main rules of personal data collection, storage and processing for you, i.e. Buyers using services of online-shop (here in after referred to as the Online shop; Seller).

1.2. BoldCup trademark and online shop belongs to the printing house of Miko ir Tado leidykla UAB, company code 123946644, business seat: Maišinė village 1-2, Maišinė, LT-21401 Trakai District. The printing house of Miko and Tado leidykla UAB manages data collected while you are browsing this website or buy products. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding personal data use or this privacy policy, you are kindly requested to apply to the customer care division, email: [email protected], phone +370 660 56665

1.3. Privacy policy is published and can be printed at any time from our website. About any future amendments and/or supplements to the Privacy policy, Buyers will always be informed by publishing the amended Privacy policy on website and providing Buyers logging on to the Online shop for the first time to read and confirm the Privacy policy, if amended.

1.4. Personal data is any information about a natural person, whose identity was established or whose identity can be established (data subject); natural person whose identity can be established is a person whose identity can be established directly or indirectly, first of all by identifier, such as forename and surname, personal identification number, location data and Internet identifier, or by one or several properties of a natural person, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

1.5. Privacy policy is intended to protect and defend Personal data of Online shop Buyers from unlawful use. Privacy policy is applied to accounts. Individuals willing to register on the Online shop must provide their electronic mail addresses and created Password. Account is created during registration. In the Account, a Buyer enters his/her details – forename, surname, phone number, electronic mail address and other information therefore the Buyer is held responsible for accuracy of such details. In order to ensure personal data protection, User's ID is given to a Buyer.

1.6. Buyer should note that the Online shop contains links to websites of other persons, companies or organisations, and the Seller is not responsible for contents of such websites and/or methods of Privacy policy assurance applied by them, therefore before providing personal information, a Buyer should familiarise himself/herself with the rules, Privacy policy and other documents of the respective website.

1.7. A Buyer is considered to be aware with this Privacy policy and having read it once he/she gives his/her consent to process his/her Personal data for the purposes established in this Privacy policy.


2.1. Information we can have about you:

2.1.1. When you register on our online shop and make a purchase, you provide us with the following personal data: forename, surname, electronic mail address, phone number, and we will collect login and payment information.

2.1.2. When you browse on our online shop website, irrespective whether you are registered or not, buy products, subscribe for newsletters, we collect the information, such as: your location, language, IP address, webpages you visited, or products you were interested in or bought, and data about the device, from which you accessed our website.

2.1.3. When you or us contact you by phone, phone calls may be recorded for quality control, training or safety reasons. You will also be informed about recording of the call before starting the conversation.

2.2. How can we use your personal data:

2.2.1. To fulfil your order, we have to identify you, it means in order to be able to conclude an agreement with your properly, we need your contact details and payment information.  Please note that your data can be transmitted to the other third party company to send or deliver your ordered item. To ensure proper fulfilment of our obligations, e.g. return, warranty, etc., and to fulfil the requirements established by laws for storage of transactions, your data will be stored for reasonable term required by laws.

2.2.2. To inform you about new or similar products and services, which you requested to be informed about by email or phone.

2.2.3. For direct marketing purposes, to send offers, information about promotions or discounts to you.

2.2.4. To contact you if you forgot your purchases or we detected mistakes related with completed transactions.

2.2.5. To provide your requested service.

2.2.6. To register you on the online shop.

2.2.7. To administer and ensure smooth operation of our online shop.

2.2.8. To analyse and improve the use of our online shop.

2.2.9. To analyse and improve our marketing.

2.2.10. To provide you and other visitors of the online shops with offers and recommendations, which would be interesting for you or webpage visitors.

2.2.11. To protect the online shop.

2.2.12. To process payments and to protect ourselves against fraud, in such event we can transmit your data to third parties.

2.3. We undertake an obligation not to disclose your personal data to third parties, unless in the following cases:

2.3.1. your expressive consent to Personal data disclosure is present;

2.3.2. when fulfilling an order or providing other services – to Online shop partners providing delivery or other ordered services. By providing personal data on this basis, we always exert measures to ensure that your data managers have implemented proper organisational and technical measures ensuring safety and would keep personal data in secret.

2.3.3. if actions need to be taken to prevent criminal acts or to investigate them or in other cases stipulated by the law, when our legal duty has to be fulfilled, upon request, we can disclose your personal data to law enforcement authorities, state and municipal institutions. We can also disclose your personal data to law enforcement authorities, state and municipal institutions in order to exercise our lawful interest to make and defend lawful claims.

2.4. Personal data is stored:

2.4.1. We will not store your personal information for longer than required and will store only such personal information that is necessary considering our aspired goals.

2.4.2. Your personal information provided by you when registering on the Online shop will be stored while your account exists.

2.4.3. If you contact the customer care centre, we will store your data for the period needed to solve a situation/enquiry and for short term after the situation (enquiry) was solved.

2.4.4. Upon completion of purchase in the online shop, you will be requested for your personal information needed for completion of payments and we will store payment related information for the period required by the law.

2.4.5. A Buyer agrees in advance that his/her Personal data can be stored by the Seller in the server for the term required according to peculiarities of the activities carried out by the Online shop, if the data provided by the Buyer was (i) used in unlawful acts, or (ii) identity theft or other breach at the result of which investigation by appropriate law enforcement authorities was or will be carried out is suspected, (iii) if the Seller received complaints regarding the appropriate Buyer, or if the Seller noticed breaches of the Rules committed by the respective Buyer, or (iv) for other lawful purposes to store Personal data. This data will be destroyed upon lawful instructions of law enforcement or other authorised institutions.

2.5. The Buyer has the following rights:

2.5.1. upon enquiry to the Seller, to familiarise himself/herself with his/her Personal data held by the Seller in writing. Information will be provided to the Buyer by electronic mail specified;

2.5.2. To correct and/or supplement Personal data on the Account. Buyer is held responsible for accuracy of amended and/or supplemented data;

2.5.3. to apply to the administration of the Online shop by the electronic mail address specified on the website for deletion of the Account;

2.5.4. upon enquiry to the Seller, to receive written information about the sources from which Personal data was collected and what Personal data was collected, for which purpose it is processed, to which recipients it is disclosed and was disclosed in at least 1 (one) last year. Information will be provided to the Buyer by electronic mail specified;

2.5.5. upon request sent to the Seller in writing, to electronic mail address, to request for deletion of the Account or suspension of Personal data processing actions, when Personal data is processed without adhering to the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other laws, with the exception of the cases stipulated in the Privacy policy;

2.5.6. If disagreeing with the Privacy policy and processing of his/her Personal data, a Buyer will not be able to buy products and/or services on the Online shop.

2.5.7. By agreeing with this Privacy policy, a Buyer agrees to the use of his/her Personal data for fulfilment of an order, irrespective whether client's products and/or services were purchased from the Online shop as the seller or from Partners.

2.5.8. The Online shop provides the Buyer with the right to register on the Online shop or when placing an order to express his/her consent or disagreement that his/her forename, surname, electronic mail address, phone number, IP address would be processed also for direct marketing purposes.

2.6. Personal data protection:

2.6.1. When processing personal data, the Seller will adhere to the requirements of personal data processing established in the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts regarding personal data protection, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data which will come into effect from 25 May 2018.

2.6.2. The Seller by using internal organisational and technical measures will ensure protection of Personal data provided by a Buyer against any unlawful actions: unlawful modification, disclosure or destruction of Personal data, identity theft, fraud and compliance of the level of Personal data protection with the requirements established by legislation. Personal data is protected against loss, unauthorised use and modifications. All passwords of Buyers are encrypted, servers related with Personal data can be accessed exclusively by persons authorised by the Personal data manager and exclusively through safe certificate, which is additionally protected by a password, and all pages of the Online shop which require entry of Personal data operate in https:// protocol.

2.6.3. Buyer undertakes an obligation and must protect his/her login password and login name of the Online shop and other data. Buyer undertakes an obligation and may not disclose Personal data about himself/herself or third parties to any other third parties. If Buyer's personal data becomes known to third parties, he/she must inform the Seller without any delay.


3.1.1. Buyer authorises collection, processing, management and storage of Buyer's personal data to the extent and for the purposes as stipulated in the Privacy policy.

3.1.2. Issue and revocation of consent to collect, process, manage and store Buyer's Personal data is valid onwards. Upon receipt of such notice from the Buyer by electronic mail or other modes stipulated in the Privacy policy, the Seller will stop processing of Buyer's Personal data and deletes his/her Account immediately, but it does not mean that the Online shop must delete Personal data from the server/to destroy it, if the Seller has legal ground to store it, especially if required by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

3.1.3. Buyer has the right to familiarise himself/herself with his/her Personal data upon presentation of identity document. To find out the Personal data collected or received by the Seller from other sources, purposes for which it is processed, recipients to whom it is or was provided, or if all Buyer's Personal data is complete and correct, the Buyer must apply to the Seller by electronic mail address specified in this Privacy policy. Upon receipt of such enquiry from a Buyer, the Seller will reply if Buyer concerning Personal data is processed and provide the Buyer with the requested data within 30 calendar days from the day of receipt of such Buyer's enquiry. Under this Paragraph, data is provided free of chance once a calendar year.

3.1.4. If upon familiarisation with his/her Personal data, a Buyer discovers that Personal data was collected or received from unlawful sources, or that Personal data is processed for purposes other than it was provided for, a Buyer has the right to request the Seller by electronic mail to suspend processing of such Personal data.

3.1.5. If the Seller doubts the accuracy of Personal data provided by the Buyer, he can suspend processing of such Personal data of the Buyer, to check and specify such data. Such Personal data is used exclusively for verification of its accuracy.

3.2. Use of cookies

3.2.1. To provide fully-fledged Online shop services to Buyers, cookies can be installed into Buyers' computers (device), i.e. brief textual information transferred by websites to computers or other devices of their users), cookies are used in online shop to determine the number of visits of persons using your device, to remember actions completed by you (e.g. language in which you browsed), to provide information relevant to you, to collect general statistics of the visits of the website.

3.2.2. You can revoke your consent at any time by changing your browser settings, turning off all cookies or turning off (on) one by one. But we would like to note that in some cases it may slow down the speed of browsing, restrict operation of certain functions of the website or block access to the website. To set the required (desired) options of cookies, use the functions of browser help. Information how it can be done is available on the webpages of browser help.

3.3. Cookies used in our websites:

Cookie name Cookie Description
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Google Adwords A online advertising service developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertising copy, product listings, and video content within the Google ad network to web users.
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4.  Final provisions 

Notices about any amendments to the Privacy policy will be sent following the procedure established in this Privacy policy.