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All you need to know about Single Use Plastic Directive (SUPD)

According to the Single Use Plastic Directive (SUPD) the paper cups that are to be sold in the EU countries after July 3rd 2021 must have the “Plastic in Product” label. Labeling is mandatory on all the paper cups with PE or PLA coating.

There is uncertainty if the SUP Directive apply for the paper cups made from cardboard with water-based barrier. To be on the safe side and to avoid possible fines we would recommend to mark all the paper cups with SUP logo.

Please be informed, that all the regulations for the SUPD implementation will be arranged in each EU Country independently. We advise you to contact your local authorities to get more detailed information about the SUPD related requirements in your country.

We have prepared short information on how to label the paper cups according to SUPD. Please read it carefuly and share it with your designer for preparing the right paper cups design file.

Rules for the paper cups labeling according SUPD

How to prepare a design file by yourself

  1. Please read carefully rules and recommendations on how to prepare the layout correctly. Please share these rules with your designers.

    Rules and recommendations for paper cup, salad bowl and ice cream cup design file preparation Rules and recommendations for greaseproof paper design file preparation
  2. Download a template that matches your product’s type and size and prepare design file yourself. You can choose from rectangular or warped design templates for cups. What’s the difference?

What’s next?

  1. Prepare the layout using template you have downloaded. Upload your design file on our e-shop while placing your order.
  2. All the design files uploaded on website will be checked immediately at our Online Design Tool. All the warnings (if any) and a 3D preview will be available for you online at the moment you are placing an Order.
  3. You will be able to check the design on-line, see the 3D preview and if you are happy with the design you just proceed with an Order.
  4. No additional confirmation after you’ve placed an Order will be needed anymore.

If any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us by email [email protected]. We will gladly help you!

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Choose your cups

Rectangular or warped layout

How to choose

Rectangular layout

The artwork prepared using rectangular template demonstrates the design you are aiming for. It suits for presentation concept phase. Just create the design file the way you like and we will apply it to the shape of the cup.

Warped layout

The warped template preparing requires attentiveness, however, the highest level of occurrence of design quality is guaranteed. Intended for those who can handle design programs. We recommend paying attention to the helplines when creating on a warped template.

Recommendations sheet