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Single wall paper cup

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Single-wall paper cups are made from single-layer cardboard. These cups are perfect for both cold and hot drinks. Sometimes, when the drink is too hot, you might also need to use a cardboard sleeve to protect your hands.

You can choose the design of your cups from our catalogue, or use your own. 

Single-wall paper cup sizes:

  • 4 oz (~110 ml)
  • 7 oz (~200 ml)
  • 8 oz (~220 ml)
  • 12 oz (~350 ml)
  • 16 oz (~450 ml)
  • 20 oz (~580 ml)
Cup Size 4 oz/115ml 7 oz/200ml 8 oz/230ml 12 oz/350ml 16 oz/470ml 20 oz/590ml
Height 60 mm 80 mm 93 mm 110 mm 137 mm 165 mm
Upper Diameter 62,5 mm 73 mm  80 mm 90 mm 90 mm 90 mm
Lower Diameter 45 mm 50 mm  51 mm 59 mm 59 mm 59 mm
Rim thickness 3 mm 2 mm  3 mm 3 mm 3 mm 3 mm
Paper PE (gsm) 260+18PE 232+18PE  260+18PE 260+18PE 260+18PE 260+18PE
Paper Bio (gsm) 260+25PLA 232+25PLA 260+25PLA 260+25PLA 260+25PLA 260+25PLA

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