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Ice Cream Cup

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The ice cream cup is made from certified, high quality PE coated paperboard designed for food packaging. Suitable for serving ice cream, pudding, frozen yoghurt and other desserts.

The ice cream cups are made to order. You can provide your own design, or if you don’t have one, we will create one for you FREE OF CHARGE.

Ice cream cup sizes:

  • 4 oz (~120 ml)
  • 6 oz (~180 ml)
  • 8 oz (~240 ml)
  • 12 oz (~350 ml)
REGULAR (8-15 business days)
Ice Cream Cup Size 4oz/~120 ml 6oz/~180 ml 8oz/~240 ml 12oz/~350 ml
Height 47 mm 56 mm 55 mm 68 mm
Upper Diameter 77 mm 87 mm 95 mm 105 mm
Lower Diameter 61 mm 69 mm 78 mm 85 mm
Rim Thickness 3,5 mm 3,5 mm 3,5 mm 3,5 mm
Paper PE (gsm) 295+18PE 295 +18PE 295+18PE 295 +18PE