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A stylish ice cream cup may be all you need to present your ice cream parlour or dessert shop.

Emphasise how unique your ice cream parlour, chocolate shop or dessert shop is with paper cups. The ice cream cup will be an excellent tool each time you want to add a twist to the dessert you’re serving, since its unique design will enhance the flavour of the treat it holds.

These cups are designed for ice cream, chocolate pudding, frozen yoghurt and other desserts. You can order custom designed ice cream cups when you are looking for a consistent image for corporate parties or exhibitions.


In a distinct ice cream cup, the product is recognisable not only by its flavour, but by the design of the container as well. This will help maintain existing customers and attract new ones.

We offer high quality paper ice cream cups made from Stora Enso Cupforma paperboard that is designed especially for containers. Our printing technology (CMYK) and all of our production materials comply with the most stringent EU requirements, so the cups are completely food-safe.

We are currently offering ice cream cups in four sizes: 4 oz (~120 ml), 6 oz (~180 ml), 8 oz (~240 ml) and 12 oz (~350 ml).